Making the future happen

Flanders Technology & Innovation (FTI) brings everyone together around technology and innovation and acts as a driver of sustainable prosperity. Because only together we can tackle the major challenges of the future. The needs, questions, and concerns of citizens are central to this. We believe in remarkable opportunities for progress that benefits everyone by a clear understanding of how and why we harness technology and innovation.
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At VITO, we work every day on technological and innovative solutions that accelerate the transition to a sustainable society. FTI’s ambition to position Flanders as a sustainable, innovative, and technological top region aligns seamlessly with VITO's mission.

With the Global Sustainable Technology and Innovation Community (G-STIC), we bring together over 30,000 national and international stakeholders to accelerate the implementation of integrated technological solutions that contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The festival

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Flanders Technology & Innovation (FTI) aims to foster connections between people and knowledge in order to generate innovative solutions that enhance industrial competitiveness and contribute to social well-being in a sustainable manner.

This initiative positions Flanders as a cutting-edge hub for technology and innovation in Europe. FTI serves as a sustainable catalyst for the prosperity of Flanders.

The first edition of the Flanders Technology & Innovation Festival will take place in six Flemish cities: Antwerp, Brussels, Ghent, Hasselt, Kortrijk and Leuven. G-STIC is organizing the FTI Festival in Hasselt.

Our vision

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Sustainability at the core

Cities are complex systems, and despite common characteristics, each city is unique. This means there is no one-size-fits-all solution to the question of how we can accelerate the transition to sustainable cities.

The FTI Festival in Hasselt will provide practical tools for an integrated approach on five societal themes: circularity, energy, mobility, food, and urban culture.

One of the principles is that we start from a number of specific projects in and around Hasselt, that are intended to create a lasting impact in those areas (place-based innovation).

Integrated approach
Place-based innovation