Experience the city of the future at different locations in and around Hasselt

When you visit the city festival in Hasselt, you’ll embark on a journey of discovery where sustainable innovations play a key role in the pursuit of a climate-neutral city. No, you're not just here to observe the sustainable urban initiatives. We’ll take you on an unforgettable and extraordinary journey filled with unique, immersive experiences.  

Our locations

Quartier Canal
3500 Hasselt
Quartier Canal: from the oldest industrial site to a hybrid environment
Quartier Canal is transitioning into a hybrid environment, where abandoned grain mills have been repurposed by architects, caterers, creative companies, and youth organizations. This unique blend creates a constant buzz of activity. This unique character is now inspiring several entrepreneurs to turn Quartier Canal into one of the most attractive business zones.
Corda Campus: one of the largest innovation campuses in Europe
Corda Campus is the internationally leading campus in the fields of technology, high-tech, ICT, and media. With the right mix of start-ups, scale-ups, and national and international companies, Corda Campus exerts an irresistible appeal to everything related to innovation and technology. It's a place where ideas grow and flourish. A place where business communities are born.
Corda Campus
Kempische Steenweg 293/16,
3500 Hasselt
Martelarenlaan 42,
3500 Hasselt
UHasselt: in the top 50 of the best young universities worldwide
UHasselt contributes to a strong region where studying, entrepreneurship, work and living are pleasant. Education and research focus on local challenges, with the region serving as a source of inspiration and as a living laboratory. Through region-inspired research, UHasselt excels on an international scale. UHasselt also maintains a global network with universities, companies, and organizations.
PXL: an entrepreneurial, networking university with the X-factor
PXL is a dynamic and progressive university of applied sciences with a strong emphasis on innovation and practical-oriented education. Through close collaborations with companies and organizations, its students have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience and actively participate in innovation. As a result, PXL students enter the job market as true professionals who possess the X-factor.
Elfde-Liniestraat 24,
3500 Hasselt
Sint-Truidersteenweg 296,
3500 Hasselt
RE|CORE: from an old furniture factory to a business campus
The former furniture factory Recor is being transformed into a business campus for the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. RE|CORE stands for a return to the core. The ambition of RE|CORE is to create one of the most sustainable business campuses in Flanders. RE|CORE focuses on circularity, ecology, and energy. A place where people and the environment are interconnected.
Muziekodroom: the beating heart of the Limburg music industry reopens soon
Earlier this year, Muziekodroom was temporarily closed. Its closure is a significant loss, given that many musicians found their breakthrough via Muziekodroom. There was also a natural synergy between education and concert activities, as PXL Music is located in the same place. Efforts are now underway to explore how Muziekodroom can continue to exist as a vital socio-cultural entity.
Bootstraat 9,
3500 Hasselt
Thor Park
André Dumontlaan 67,
3600 Genk
Thor Park: the hotspot for energy transition, manufacturing, and smart city applications
Thor Park, the first and only low-regulation zone in Flanders for energy, supports companies in developing sustainable, circular, and connected innovations through specialized ecosystems. During our innovation tour, we will take you to the Open Thor Living Lab, where technologies are tested in real-life conditions.