People making places

The transition to sustainable cities concerns everyone: entrepreneurs, policymakers, researchers, students, and citizens. Everyone is needed to create the future together, including you. Technological innovations are vital to this transition. But technology can only change the world through your involvement.

You won’t just get a glimpse of what the future could be by visiting the unique city festival in Hasselt. No, you’ll taste, feel, and experience at various locations how the future is already coming to life today.

Participate in more than 40 amazing activities at various locations in and around Hasselt and Genk.

Discover the complete programme (only in Dutch).

Sneak peek

Industriedag Met Energiemarkt

19 March

Industry Day: smart and impactful energy solutions

During the Industry Day, we will collectively examine the challenges of the energy transition. Discover impactful energy solutions and concrete energy projects that contribute to sustainable urban development.

Join us on a unique innovation tour through Thor Park. You will also have the opportunity to visit THOREAQ, the unique test environment for energy technologies, which will be open to the public.

Circular Boost Café

What can a research institution help your company in the transition to a circular economy? Professor Wim Vanhaverbeke reveals how open innovation stimulates sustainable growth and elevates companies to a higher level.

Be inspired by 7 engaging duo-presentations from companies and research institutions. Explore not only groundbreaking initiatives but also how joint efforts lead to a circular future.

The Circular Boost Café is also a unique opportunity to network and meet new contacts. Visit the marketplace where you will be inspired by innovative ideas and collaboration opportunities.

Circulair Boost Cafe

19 March

Drones En Ai In De Voedingsindustrie Vierkant

19 March

Drones and AI for the Food Industry

Drones and artificial intelligence have great potential for agriculture. Drones quickly and accurately scan large plots, assess crop quality, and homogeneity. AI algorithms analyze data to gain insights into ripeness, growth patterns, diseases, and pests.

During workshops, companies with experience in these technologies will share their successes and challenges. You will also learn how to extract specific crop information from drone images using artificial intelligence. Come and discover the future of agricultural technology.

Experience and taste the future of food at the Future Food Expo. Be surprised by tasteful revolutions at the Future Food Expo.

Sustainable energy for the Einstein Telescope

With the Einstein Telescope, Europe is investing in an underground observatory to gain new insights into the origin of the universe, black holes, and stars through gravitational waves. Until 2015, scientists could only observe the universe through radio waves, light, or radiation.

An underground research center consumes a lot of energy. Finding a safe, reliable, and sustainable energy supply is a significant challenge. The vibrations from wind turbines and the volatile PV production disrupt measurements. Therefore, new sustainable energy sources and storage options are needed.


19 March